Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eli Manning

Super Bowl Sunday - Go Eli!

Well, Super Bowl Sunday is finally here!
Eli goes back for the pass...he's looking long!

The Eli roar! No Eli pout here.
And all I can say is go Giants, go Eli (Eli Manning that is, not Eli Yale)!

Chili meal for the big game.

I have my chili simmering on the stove. And because you are what you eat, my chili is made with our home grown beef (thank you to my grandmother!), home grown tomatoes (thank you to my mother!) and other all natural, from scratch ingredients--nothing canned or processed here! We will have corn muffins on the side and peach (yes, home grown) cobbler for dessert. Come what may, this is Louisiana and we will eat well!


Though I have some friends who do not admit to be fans of Eli Manning, because they perceive him as arrogant--I like that about him. I think if you are a good NFL QB, you are due a certain amount of confidence that others may take as arrogance. I like Eli's little pouts when a pass goes incomplete because a receiver dropped it or threw short. It shows character.

Excessive Celebrating

And everything every athlete who works hard and fights hard deserves to celebrate on the field.
I love to scream when I score a touch on the fencing strip. I enjoy dropping to my knees, yanking off my mask, tossing it to the side and screaming when I win a tournament! Dramatic? Yes, but worth it!

I worked hard for that win and life is just too short to not celebrate on the field of play--whether it is a fencing strip or a football field. I think the NFL regulations that penalize a player for excessive celebrations are hooey.
Let them celebrate! I would!
NY Giants

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